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Rick Rybeck - Director

Rick Rybeck - Just Economics, LLCRick Rybeck is an attorney with a master's degree in real estate and urban development. He has worked on issues related to state and local government for over 35 years.

In 2009, Rybeck established Just Economics, LLC to assist communities in promoting job creation, affordable housing, transportation efficiency and sustainable economic development.

A key to Rybeck's success in devising and implementing new policy directions is his ability to listen and understand stakeholder concerns. His sense of humor and an ability to use stories to illustrate complex ideas helps him move stakeholders away from protecting the status quo. Assured that their views and concerns are valued, stakeholders can take a collaborative, problem-solving approach.

(Click here to download a copy of Rick Rybeck's resume.)

Most recently, Rybeck spent 12 years as the Deputy Associate Director for Transportation Policy & Planning at the District of Columbia Department of Transportation. In this capacity he:

  • Facilitated private landowner funding for a new Metrorail transit station. This accomplishment was the impetus for an article, “Using Value Capture to Finance Infrastructure and Encourage Compact Development,” that was published in the Public Works Management and Policy Journal in 2004.
  • Helped design & implement a performance-based parking pricing pilot program in the area surrounding a new baseball stadium. Many people predicted a parking and traffic disaster, because the new stadium contains fewer parking spaces than the prior stadium and because most games begin during the evening rush hour. Performance-based parking pricing encouraged more transit use, avoiding gridlock around the new ballpark.
  • Designed & implemented a public-private partnership with car-sharing companies to provide limited curbside parking designated for car-sharing vehicles. The purpose was to use the visibility of these designated parking spaces to educate the public about car-sharing services. To accomplish this, Rybeck:
    • Drafted a regulation allowing the designation of curbside space for car-sharing purposes.
    • Attended numerous public meetings and addressed concerns of residents and businesses, including the two competing car-sharing companies;
    • Drafted contracts, pursuant to the promulgated regulation, establishing the conditions under which car-sharing companies could avail themselves of these curbside spaces.

In 1997, Rybeck was selected as a member of the inaugural class of the George Washington University Center for Excellence in Municipal Management (now known as the Center for Excellence in Public Leadership). Rybeck was awarded a "certified public manager" degree after completing this year-long program.

Prior to joining DDOT, Rybeck was a legislative assistant to the Honorable Hilda H.M. Mason on the Council of the District of Columbia. In this capacity, Rybeck’s more significant accomplishments included:

  • Moving legislation to place a pollution fee on free commuter parking by:
    • Becoming aware that the federal government provided a significant amount of free and subsidized parking in the region, thereby exacerbating traffic congestion and pollution problems.
    • Understanding that the Clean Air Act contains a waiver of sovereign immunity that requires the federal government to abide by all state and local clean air requirements.
    • Drafting the Clean Air Compliance Fee Act which placed a nominal fee on all free commuter parking.
    • Organizing a grass roots campaign to support the legislation which was enacted by the Council and signed by the Mayor in 1995.

In 1986, while Rybeck was pursuing a master’s degree in Real Estate and Urban Development, the Urban Land Institute awarded him with a scholarship to write a report, The Impact of Property Tax Policy on Spatial Patterns and Costs of Development.

Prior to working for the District of Columbia, Rybeck worked for Ralph Tabor and Associates, providing a Washington DC office for several urban counties. He also performed research for the Center for Economic Alternatives into the causes and remedies for run-away inflation in housing prices. This research resulted in the publication of Meeting America’s Housing Needs in 1982 by the Conference on Alternative State and Local Policies.

Rybeck received training in conflict resolution and prejudice reduction from the National Coalition Building Institute.