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With more than 35 years of experience, Just Economics LLC helps clients harmonize economic incentives with public policy objectives.

Policy Research & Analysis

Just Economics helps clients understand a wide array of policy issues and initiatives. We specialize in:

  • Reducing Blight by Putting Boarded-Up Properties Back Into Use;
  • Enhancing Business and Employment Opportunities;
  • Funding Transit and Other Public Infrastructure;
  • Reducing Parking & Traffic Congestion;
  • Promoting Weatherization & Housing Affordability;
  • Reducing Sprawl to Lower Taxes, Save Energy & Benefit the Environment and;
  • Sustainable Communities.

Legislative & Regulatory Analysis & Drafting

Just Economics helps clients re-engineer tax and fee structures so that:

  • Needed revenues are obtained;
  • Incentives embedded in taxes and fees encourage the private sector to create jobs, affordable housing, transportation efficiencies and sustainable economic development; and
  • Government sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness are enhanced.

Just Economics helps clients analyze existing or proposed regulations regarding embedded incentives. Regulations can then be adjusted to reward desired outcomes.

Public Education & Consensus Building

A good idea that does not gain political support is ultimately not good enough.

Change can be unsettling and sometimes people prefer an existing tax that they don’t like (but understand) to one that is new and uncertain. Just Economics helps elected and appointed officials – and the general public – by providing:

  • Educational Materials that are clear and concise
  • Public Speaking & Public Meeting Facilitation – because new ideas need face-to-face discussions
  • Consensus and Coalition Building – Any change to the rules will have "winners" and "losers." Careful attention to policy design and implementation can overcome many objections, but this must be an interactive process that allows initial opponents to know that their views are heard, understood and appreciated. (Just Economics will also train your staff so that they can accomplish this.)

Media Messaging

Not everyone can attend public meetings, so media messages must be clear, concise and resonate with core values and emotions.

Slogans from successful campaigns include:

  • "Tax bads, not goods."
  • "Tax waste, not work."
  • "Let's turn our upside-down incentives rightside up!"

Just Economics works with clients to develop and implement a persuasive, winning communications strategy. Building on experience in municipal, state and federal policy analysis and public information, Just Economics offers media training, development of written, electronic and other materials and targeting of specific audiences, such as members of the media, grassroots advocates, interest groups and public and private policy makers at all levels.

Other Services

As a result of spending more than 20 years in state and local government, Just Economics is aware of many individuals and firms with a wide array of expertise in transportation, tax administration, media and community outreach. These individuals and firms can be added to our team -- or recommended to our clients for separate contracts.