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"Thank you for giving me a copy of the article you wrote... The idea of creating incentives for 'smart' development by utilizing the tax structure to encourage more productive use of land is insightful and imaginative."

--Henry Cisneros

Executive Chairman of CityView (Former HUD Secretary and Mayor of San Antonio)

"Rick was a speaker on the Funding & Financing Day at the MetroRail 2010 conference in London. He provided an excellent analysis of the use of value capture as an alternative revenue source for metro funding and was listed on many feedback forms as one of the highlights of the day. His direct involvement and experience in the use of value capture for funding means his knowledge in this area is second to none."

--Hannah Wharrier

Project Director , Terrapinn

"[The District of Columbia was] able to move forward with the passage of legislation which provides the city with innovative tools to manage parking supply and by extension, reduce vehicular trips. … Again, many people were involved in this project and deserving of special recognition: … Rick Rybeck."

--Emeka Moneme

DDOT Director

"I am thankful that your department is so ably represented by Rick Rybeck. He is a real professional who has added immeasurably to the project."

--Phyllis M. Wilkins

Executive Director, Maglev Maryland